PhD Safeway offers a unique patented application system for waxing. Disposable applicator heads have a single gate mechanism to prevent wax from re-entering the tube, eliminating the danger of cross contamination. You will notice the benefits of waxing from your very first treatment, hairs will grow back considerably finer and not as noticeable, this is because hairs are pulled out by the roots.


Upper Lip Wax                     10 mins – £7.50

Chin Wax                                10 mins – £7.50

Lip & Chin Wax                     15 mins – £13.50

Eyebrow Wax                        15 mins – £8.00

Half Leg Wax                          30 mins – £18.00

Full Leg Wax                           45 mins – £27.00

Bikini Wax (Standard)        15 mins – £13.00

Bikini wax (Extended)        30 mins – from £20.00

Underarm Wax                      15 mins – £12.00

Forearm Wax                          30 mins – £15.00

Full Arm Wax                          45 mins – £20.00

Back Wax                                  30 mins – £23.00

Chest Wax                                30 mins – £23.00


  • Wear loose fitting clothing to your appointment to avoid irritation
  • Exfoliate the day before to aid removal of ingrown hairs
  • Avoid tanning, moisturisers, lotions or oils 24 hours prior as it may interfere with the hair removal
  • Ensure there are no cuts, grazes or abrasions in the area to be waxed


  • No excess activities such as exercise, drinking alcohol up to 24 hours afterwards
  • No warming treatments such as sunbeds, hot baths or showers up to 12 hours afterwards
  • Avoid perfumed products, lotions and creams which can irritate the skin